I make earrings, pins and necklaces out of recycled, invented, and found objects. Each piece is unique, fun, easy to wear, and original.

I spent three years reading German and French literature at Somerville College, Oxford, England. I spent three more years encouraging women of many cultures to teach men and women of their cultures to use and sell Max Factor makeup and skin care. I have been all over the Middle East, Europe and Scandinavia. I have been on Lebanese, German, French, Swiss, Indian and Bangladeshi television in pursuit of these goals. 

How does this help a self-taught Jewelry maker to present a never-ending choice of witty, functional jewelry that won't break the bank? In every possible way. There are recognizable influences from all the places I've been, the books I've read, and the people I've met. My customers describe my work as 'little sculptures', and tell me that they relish the unpredictable sense of colour, movement and mischief in my work.

My current 'other job' entails doing taxes for all sorts of people for a prominent tax preparation company. This has had two influences on my work. It has made it meticulous, and, oddly, imbued it with a great sense of adventure and rebellion - a reaction to the containment and obedience demanded by the tax code. 

I exhibit mainly in California, although I do go to Arizona. I enjoy selling at a great variety of events. They include Pacific Fine Arts shows such as Los Altos Hills, San Carlos, Mountain View and Montclair Village. I also go to Contemporary Arts' shows in San Francisco, Santa Monica and Pasadena. I have also worked with California Artists, Harvest Festival, West Coast Artists, El Dorado Hills, and Hartmann Studios. It is hard to say which area is my most successful. I am lucky to appeal to a clientele as diverse as my jewelry. 

My jewelry is not what you'd find at the mall. Yet I have been running a successful business since 1990.

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