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Visit Me at the Fountain Hills Festival of Arts & Crafts Booth A14

posted Nov 11, 2011, 6:05 PM by Elizabeth Hall   [ updated Nov 16, 2011, 8:05 PM ]
November 11th to 13th Fri, Sat & Sun 10-5

Here I am in gloomy old Fountain Hills. I mean weather-wise. The fountain IS quite jolly, though. They put red in it for Veterans' Day. 11/11/11. Lots of good o' soldiers here, in the Hills. One chap was all decked out and his wife was in her uniform too. I couldn't take a picture in time. Sorry. I remember in good ol' Angleterre, we wore poppies. I always bought one, and put it on. There were people with poppies here, but I couldn't see where to buy one. War makes me sad. It truly does. Such a waste, and yet the only way we seem to be able to do some things. I'm keeping my fingers crossed with the Iran/Israel thing. I listened to the Israeli Amos OZ who has just written a connected book of short stories Scenes from Village Life set in a fictional Israeli village. He talked interestingly and amusingly on the plight of Israel and the Palestinians. And his short story novella sounds good too. It may soon be Kindle fodder. Love that Kindle thing.

From the same podcast, I learned that Stevie Wonder Jobs was adopted. It's odd, but I dreamed last night that Mr Jobs and Mr Curb Your enthusiasm Larry whats-his-name were one and the same person, and they renamed the iPod 'enthusiasm', and the iPad 'unbridled'.

I have to eat at Denny's this evening. I can't even muster up the moxie to walk across the road to the pizza place. Still I think they have some grilled fish at Denny's. Salad would be good. I had some very good salmon chowder at the show. And the Kiwanis offered up a free brekkie to the 'vendors'. I don't think of myself as a 'vendor', but I suppose they could be forgiven, There is a lot of buy and sell at this show, now. Not too much in my row, but still.

Booth A14, by the way.