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Visit Me at Mountain View a la Carte & Art

posted May 4, 2012, 2:46 PM by Elizabeth Hall   [ updated Jun 23, 2012, 11:11 AM ]

May 5th & 6th  10-6  

This weekend, forget Cinco de Mayo. Gangland drama belongs on the tellie! Come to the beautiful Mountain View a la Carte and Art show. The food pays for the show, so they have to put it first, but the art is what one is really there for. 

This week, for your delectation, I present, martini glasses, women with martini glasses, pink women, the fires of hell with dragons to save us ... There is a hell cat in the works, but he or she is not quite finished. Also, I went back into my childhood to bring you the 'Flower Pot Men', except they are really women, in my view ... and ... 'Little Weed'. These figures played quite heavily in my formative years, and can be blamed for quite a lot of my current predicament.

On the viewing front, I saw THE FIVE YEAR ENGAGEMENT.  Oh, no, not another wedding drama. Well, it's better than the eternal Jane Austen film combined with the wedding drama.  We can 't get away from weddings, so I just sat down and readied myself for this one. And it was good unto my soul. Emily Blunt is a winner.  She has just the nicest touch of sarcasm and whimsy. And Judd Apetow, or whatever that bloke's name is, was quite an appetizing little playmate. 

Apart from that, THE GOOD WIFE,  REVENGE, MI-5 et al have been as amusing as ever. I am coming back as Julianna M in my next life. No more jewelry for me. I shall be stunning, aloof and lawyerly. You will not recognize me!!! 

Well, I am still recognizable, alas, but we have all the fun of the fair this weekend. So come and find me. Booth 450. California/Castro.