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En Route from Sacramento to Fountain Hills AZ

posted Nov 10, 2011, 8:47 AM by Elizabeth Hall   [ updated Nov 16, 2011, 8:05 PM ]
I'm in a bit of a pout with working, at the moment, and the 'pore' ol' fingers' hurt like billie-oh. So, I stopped of in Palm Springs, old Hollywood Jewel of the CA desert, for a bit of a rest. 

I hiked in Indian Canyons. There were more people there than I anticipated, but I used my hiking poles, as I'm an old bag now, and somewhat afraid of the rocks. It's the going of the downhill that does the old bones in. But it was still fun. The trading post had some rather cross tribal rangers. They had shaved heads and long plaits down their backs. Fetching in their grumpiness.

One of the really super things about Palm Springs is the little museum. It really is fab, and I could take non flash pictures. There is a lot of money here. Gay men really do have a lot to fling about. Once the lesbians have bought their bikes, there really isn't so much left over for art!!! There was just a 'gay pride' here, and there were still lots of strutting men with pouting lips. Truly, the 'real housewives' ought to watch themselves, the gay men are taking all the botox reserves.

Anyway, the museum.... It has such a variety of stuff in a small space. Since I was here last, they have renovated. A lot of stuff has gone to the sculpture gardens. which is really nice. And they seem to have a lot of new stuff, or it seems new, as it is re-arranged. I highly recommend it, if you ever get the chance.

Avoid the Sand Dabs at the CA Bistro, on Palm Canyon Drive, by the way. The only Sand Dabs to eat are at the Grill on Ocean Ave in Carmel, CA. Nobody else can do them, and the CA bistro murders them dry and then soaks them in a rather revolting glop, which you make into lemon sauce with the lemon on the side.

The Las Brisas Geriatric Home, otherwise known as the Best Western, Palm Springs, makes an excellent breakfast as part of its room fee. The 'help', may not be putting nasty bodily things in a chocolate tart, but it 'sure as shootin', will give you the 'ojo' evil-o if you don't give a good 'tipp-io'. And the front desk exhorts you 'not to jump on the beds'.

If you dare to walk along the canyon roads after dark, bring a strong torch, or you will lose your life on the invisible curbs, or in the painful 'decorative cactus gardens'. Mind you, not many people walk in town. I saw a taxi take this pair of old farts from a bar to the right of the CA bistro, to a bar just to the left of the CA bistro. Hmmmm.

I'm going to watch a bit of REVENGE, a lovely piece of ABC rubbish tellie drama. Yum, yum. Then, it's off to try another geriatric home cocktail, after jumping on my bed, and then, on to THAI SMILE, which is supposed to be quite good.


PS Thai Smile is pretty good. The screaming duck is excellent, and I trust the wine